Are you interested in Germ Science Investigation?
The free version has been validated by educators for use by anyone wanting to learn about germ safety. Contact Rebecca to discuss how to customize GSI to your specific school.

Germ Science Investigation


Below we give you suggested email messaging to send to your peers to encourage them to adopt GSI to teach germ awareness.


Sample Email

Subject Line:

Help us spread the game not the germs

Body Copy: 

I am sharing an exciting awareness campaign created by LOCI - they make fun and instinctual safety learning games focused on public safety.

Their Germ Science Investigation (GSI) game teaches the fundamentals when it comes to preventing germ transmission and what activities and environments are safest. 

GSI (Germ Science Investigation) was created as a way for people to learn science based facts about germs in their environment. It helps remove some of the anxieties around getting together again. This learning game is for everyone and anyone. Whether you’re going back to school, to camp, to the office, or just starting to get out of your home!

It’s FREE, science based, and fun. It’s available in multiple languages and is ready to play on any device.
You can find all the details about Germ Science Investigation here

This email as an endorsement of their campaign and I encourage you to consider adopting Germ Science Investigation for your [School, Community Centre, Camp, Etc]. They have created all the assets and communications needed to easily launch a campaign for yourself.