Are you interested in Germ Science Investigation?
The free version has been validated by educators for use by anyone wanting to learn about germ safety. Contact Rebecca to discuss how to customize GSI to your specific school.
Early on in the pandemic we took one of our fire safety games and applied it to germ safety. We realized that germs are just like a fire: they spread easily and, if we know what to do, we can stop their spread and save lives.


GSI (Germ Science Investigation) was created as a way for kids to learn science based facts about germs in their environment. It helps replace anxieties over gathering with people again or going back into the classroom with knowledge and confidence.


GSI is for anyone and everyone—whether you’re going back to school or camp, returning to the office, or just starting to get out of your home and back into the world.

LOCI’s location-based microlearning design trains the part of your brain responsible for quick decisions under pressure, ensuring you’re prepared for an emergency.

Rather than glue you to your device, LOCI uses your device to deliver experiential pre-incident learning at the right time and place so that it’s not just memorable, it’s behavior changing.

LOCI enables you to provide basic safety training to anyone regardless of age, language, or ability.

History of Germ Science Investigation

When the pandemic hit, we immediately saw the need for accessible and trustable information about germ safety. We used our safety training game engine to make Germ Science Investigation, a game that teaches the science behind public health orders.

Teachers found the game very useful and asked for it to be made in more languages; GSI is now available in over 15 languages.

GSI is being rolled out district-wide in San Bernardino, California this fall as a part of a germ safety campaign that will reach over 57,000 students.

Recently, LOCI was one of nine companies chosen by Sendai City in Japan to participate in their Safer Cities Initiative. Just as we were able to pivot from fires to germs, LOCI is now developing a flood preparedness game for school children.

We also created a GSI filter for Instagram, which players can unlock by completing all four levels of GSI. The filter is a fun and easy way for young people to share GSI and it’s life-saving information with their peers.


Germ Science Investigation has gamified safety! Germ Science managed to incorporate science, safety and health into an engaging virtual game that informs students of all ages and levels. I highly recommend this program!

Smarter People. Safer Places