Are you interested in Germ Science Investigation?
The free version has been validated by educators for use by anyone wanting to learn about germ safety. Contact Rebecca to discuss how to customize GSI to your specific school.
Germ Science Investigation is a germ safety teaching tool for all ages that’s free to play and share.
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Empower students to make germ-safe choices with a microlearning game designed to support positive behaviour changes and stop the spread of germs.
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No matter a child’s learning ability, access to resources, or language, GSI supports equity in learning for all.
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Incorporating GSI into your back-to-class safety plan will help you ease everyone’s anxiety and build trust in your school community. Join the growing list of schools rolling out GSI this fall.
Want to make sure your school is a safe place to learn and work?
Introducing GSI to your school community is safe and easy to do.
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